Exotic Naturals has dedicated more than a decade in providing world class solutions to global companies in the field of rolex replica human and crop health. Agri Naturals – A division of Exotic Naturals is committed towards offering solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the international agricultural community. The product range of Agri Naturals includes a comprehensive range ...
The Bio-fertilizer range is microbial inoculants helping to make plant nutrients available to the plants. Agri Naturals uses special strains of hublot replica microbes; those have proved effective in various field conditions. The Organic Agriculture community considers it as a preferred choice of fertilizers and the conventional farmers have voted it to be efficient nutrient managers.

The Biopesticides range from botanical and microbial origin control insects, nematodes and diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses either ...
Exotic Naturals is working since 1994 in the field of Biological Pesticides, Microbial Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoters and Biofertilizers. Exotic Naturals has its strong presence in European markets. We are already in process of registering our Neem based Biocontrol products in collaboration with our partners in Europe. We are looking for Partners / Distributors for our products.
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